Sunday, July 27, 2008

....Years ago!

20 years ago.... I was in the 3rd grade at Creekview Elem., chasing all the boys out on the play ground playing either soccer or basketball with them. They all thought that I was pretty awesome since a girl could play all those sports. I just started piano lessons but not so big in to that.

10 years ago.... I just barely got married so I was experiencing life with a partner for the first time and let me tell you that it was a rocky road for the first year or so. I was working at Wal-mart as a Customer service Manager and Mark was at ECI starting his apprentiship. I also was still trying to hang out with my friends as much as possible.

5 years ago.... I was working at Blockbuster as the Manager, We had no kids yet we were doing tons of fertility medicine and no luck so we decided to start foster care and had 2 sibilings and Austin who we later adopted.

1 year ago.... Having fun in the sun, We went to Lake Powell, Eden, Lagoon and we celebrated our 10 year anniversary in Hawaii. It was a blast, so beautiful and amazing can't wait to go back! Zaydree was 1 year old and we just barely gotten DJ in foster care, which we later adoped. And Austin started Kindergarten at Creekview.

So far this year.... We Watched Zaydree turn 2, Austin turn 6, DJ will be 4. We have went to Lake Powell, spent 10 days in Montana and had a great time, went to Bear Lake for 5 days with great friends, and We are headed to Oregon for a family vacation in 2 days for 10 days in a condo with my family. We sure love to vacation and we do it quite frequently!

Yesterday.... I packed for Oregon and cleaned out my car.

Tomorrow.... I will play catch up at the Daycare Center before we leave.

Feel free and copy if you would like I copied it from Ali, Thanks girl!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pictures of Bear Lake

Bear Lake was a blast!

We just returned from a week vacation in Bear Lake. The water is always so clear and beautiful. We went with 3 other couples, Leonards, Hillams, and the Nelson's. You would think people would be sick of each other rooming together, but not us. We can talk about the funniest or grossist things ever and we all still laugh! It is great times. The beach is so kid friendly that it goes out about 50-60 yards and it is still only at the kids' knees.
That Lake is mainly for tubing, not water skiing or knee boarding because of the waves. But it is always fun to throw the men off the water weiney. Especially Steve sorry! The men had a good time at the golf course while us women tended to the children, and we were just being lazy.
The lake called for some awesome sand castles, illegal fireworks from Evanston, Wy., Riding on the weiney and tubes, snorkeling with Brandi's snokel gear, Playing football and fast pitch softball with Dave and Melissa, Millions of families stretched along the beach on the 24th of July, literally families trying to sit on our laps or play on our boats or just play with our sand toys!
The Firework display that was put on by Mark was amazing!!! Thanks hunny. Only 2 out of the 10 kids burned their hands which was a good thing, you never know what can happen when you are playing with illegal fireworks. Ha Ha. To tell you the truth they sure beat our fountains, snakes, strobe lights, flowers, smoke bombs here in Utah.
Thanks to all my friends that made a fun and enjoyable time at Bear Lake, next year plan on the same great fun!

I am Finally a Blogger!!

So I gave into peer pressure and I thought I would give this a shot. I quite enjoy reading all my friends blog spots so bear with me as I am quite new to all of this!