Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

As you can see we went with the Star Wars theme. WE had a blast doing it! Austin was Darth Vader, DJ was a Jedi, Zaydree was Yoda, Jill Princess Leia and Mark had to work so we didn't buy him a costume, but I joked around saying he was Chewy if he would just take his shirt off. He knows I was just kidding.
It has been a busy week. Tuesday our friends had a kid party with a fun little spook alley in the garage with a lot of goodies and hot chocolate and a lot of adult socializing by the fire, We had a church party on Wednesday night with carving pumpkin contest and a chili cookout, Thursday was our friends party and I was in charge of games so I was a little stressed out but I had a great time doing it and the party was a blast! We have the best friends in the whole world! Friday we had a parade at the daycare with a carnival, Austin had a parade at his school along with a carnival, and DJ had a party. So trying to help everyone out and make sure I was to all events plus go trick or treating tonight it has been a long week. I think I am just going to relax and have a peaceful weekend. I don't know how many of you do it with more than 3 kids and working full time because with 3 I think it is a butt kicker some days! Well I hope all of you had a wonderful Halloween this year. I thought we would have had more trick or treaters than we did but I won't complain also it was a miracle we didn't have any after 9:00 pm I thought for a Friday we would have late ones but we didn't and it was nice!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Poor DJ!

Poor DJ had to go get stitches in his chin this week. Mark had the day off so I made him take him to the E.R. He was being a little boy and pushing a box to go like a car on the ground and hit a divot on the cement and sliced his chin opened. He had to get 4 stitches. My mom thought it wasn't that bad, but when I looked at it and I could see flesh and meat up there I told her I think he needs stitches. But he was so brave Mark said. Now at the E.R they give numbing cream before they have to give the shot and they really don't feel nothing. SO I was thankful he was so tough and brave. The other sad thing was about 2 weeks ago I thought he broke his nose jumping off a tower at our house. It bleed for awhile and bruised fast, but luckily it wasn't broken or people at the E.R or everyone around us probably thinks we really beat our child. But I guess BOYS will be BOYS!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Watch out David Beckham!

So tonight was our last night of soccer and for some reason every year or season I get talked into coaching (not that I don't mind, it's the fact that I have a daughter that isn't that helpful.) But it is soooooo much fun to see your kids progress through the years as they start out in sports. Mark and I are quite competitive when it comes to sports and we try not to push it to much on our kids, I think we explain that sport to our kids and let it go from there. If they enjoy it we help them along and try to help them excel in that sport. But not to brag to much I honestly can't believe how far our little Austin who is 6 has excelled! Every game he is after the ball and tries to get as many goals as possible. The first game he just moped around and I told him I would give him a dollar if he made a goal and he really went after it and scored. So the rest of games he scored an average of 4-5 goals a game and kept asking for dollars, but I told him it was for the first game only but made him feel special about every game he played. Grandma & pa were there and Mark and one goal tonight was awesome, it was from half court on a soccer field over all the kids heads and past the goalie. Yes these kids are only 4-6 years old but everyone cheered and I was so proud of what he has accomplished this season. I will show a pic of him hanging on my leg when he was 4 and a pic from now. Also this was DJ's first year playing and he did a good job, he had to make sure after every time he kicked the ball that I gave him a high five he was excited. It will be fun to see how he will progress through the years also! So David Beckham if you read this and want to personally come to my house and give my 6 year old pointers feel free and come over any time I will be home!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy 32nd Birthday Mark!

Happy 32nd Birthday To Mark. We had an enjoyable weekend. We ended up going down to St. George for the weekend to see Les Miserable.(I'm not sure if that is what he wanted to do but we did it anyway.) I quite enjoyed the show soooo very much. It was a wonderful love story. Plus we had Zaydree and she was a handful for a little while but then Mark was able to watch more of it, he just thought it was long, but the whole 3 hours I was entertained. Then we went shopping the next day, went to dinner at The Outback Steakhouse and caught the movie Eagle Eye which was good. I had to make sure we through some manly stuff in there for his special day. Then we ended up visiting some friends; The Threets and The Larson's which we hadn't seen in awhile so it was very nice to catch up and to be very entertained what cuties both of you have! Then on Sunday me and my mom made him a wonderful dinner with pulled BBQ pork, twice baked potatoes and rolls with a pumpkin cake. It was all so very delicious. Then he opened his gifts. He got updated software for his GPS from me and the kids, archery movie and hat and valve from his parents, money from my parents, money from Jacqie and Elam, PF Chang's gift card from Leonard's, Pocket tool key chain set from His sister Heidi and family. He also wants to go on a hunt in Montana next year so I told him he has to put his money away to save for the trip, But that is really what he wants so I am for it. I just can't believe how quickly time flies and how fast we really grow up. The fun thing is that he shares his birthday with 2 other of my close friends it is just a great day to have a Birthday. Well Hun, Thank you for everything, You are the light of my life, My best friend and companion. And a great father to our children! I love you with everything I have. Love ya, Jill

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Family pictures

So we all were brave and put up with all 17 of us in my family and broke down and got our family pictures. It had been 4-5 years ago since we had all of us in the picture. Jacqie wasn't married so it added her husband Elam, Jessica was just barely married so she had no kids in the picture and now she has 2 Beau and Hunter, Jeni had a old boyfriend in the pic and Sharla was 2, And I had Austin and a foster baby Jaycee in the old pic and now we have Dylan and Zaydree So it was quite hectic. But I think we may have found 1-2 good ones throughout all of the pictures that were taken. And Marie Bowles at Bryners Photography was so patient with all of us she did a great job. I am just glad that it will be another 4 years for another one. Hopefully you enjoy them.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy 80th Birthday Great Grandma Emerson!

I just wanted to shout out to Great Grandma Emerson "Happy 80th Birthday"! She is Marks grandma that lives in Bozeman, Montana and we really don't get to see her a lot. But when we do the kids, especially Austin loves being around her! The other 2 kids have only met her twice so they are still getting to know her. But what an accomplishment on turning 80. I hope I am a lot like her, she still goes strong with a job, takes care of most of the things around her home by herself, still driving and being a great grandmother! Tonight I asked her how it was to be 80 and she said what are you talking about I still feel like I am in my 20's! So I thought that was cute. I just wish we would have been able to do something for her because I am all about PARTIES! But I know she knows we all love and support her in the many ways that we know how! We Love you Great Grandma Jean Emerson!