Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 08'

Santa Claus came twice to us this year, Our kids must have been extra special to have him come twice. (NOT) We celebrated the first time because we decided to head to Montana for the holidays and visit with Mark's family so we didn't want to haul the big stuff. Austin got a PSP with some games, Heelee's, clothes, Lego's and Star wars books. DJ got a Diego train, Diego play sets, clothes and tractors. Zaydree got a bike and helmet, makeup (which she loves),strollers and highchairs for her dolls and dress up clothes. So I think they were spoiled!
In Montana we had a good time but the weather was quite cold. The weather was quite bad in Idaho but we broke the drive up in 2 days which made it nice for the kids. Plus we got a new vehicle (go figure) which made the trip a lot easier for the kids. We went sledding with our cousins, played games, had sleepovers, Holiday dinners and some good relaxing in while we were up there. The kids sure love seeing their cousins, aunt and uncle, grandma and grandpa. They are super sad every time we have to leave. But I know they are surely missed also in return.
I hope all of you had a fun and enjoyable Holiday Season this year!

Monday, December 15, 2008

My 2 cuties!

Zaydree is getting way too big! She has started the cutest little thing. She never use to play in her room or with any of her toys and now she comes up to Mark or I and says "Come play in my room and sit down." Who could tell this cute little face no. She usually loves us to read a puppy book or play cash register or play babies by dressing them up. But I really can't believe just like that, that she love to play with her toys. Its a good thing right before Christmas so we can say she got a little use out of them before she gets more for this Christmas.