Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 08'

Santa Claus came twice to us this year, Our kids must have been extra special to have him come twice. (NOT) We celebrated the first time because we decided to head to Montana for the holidays and visit with Mark's family so we didn't want to haul the big stuff. Austin got a PSP with some games, Heelee's, clothes, Lego's and Star wars books. DJ got a Diego train, Diego play sets, clothes and tractors. Zaydree got a bike and helmet, makeup (which she loves),strollers and highchairs for her dolls and dress up clothes. So I think they were spoiled!
In Montana we had a good time but the weather was quite cold. The weather was quite bad in Idaho but we broke the drive up in 2 days which made it nice for the kids. Plus we got a new vehicle (go figure) which made the trip a lot easier for the kids. We went sledding with our cousins, played games, had sleepovers, Holiday dinners and some good relaxing in while we were up there. The kids sure love seeing their cousins, aunt and uncle, grandma and grandpa. They are super sad every time we have to leave. But I know they are surely missed also in return.
I hope all of you had a fun and enjoyable Holiday Season this year!

Monday, December 15, 2008

My 2 cuties!

Zaydree is getting way too big! She has started the cutest little thing. She never use to play in her room or with any of her toys and now she comes up to Mark or I and says "Come play in my room and sit down." Who could tell this cute little face no. She usually loves us to read a puppy book or play cash register or play babies by dressing them up. But I really can't believe just like that, that she love to play with her toys. Its a good thing right before Christmas so we can say she got a little use out of them before she gets more for this Christmas.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

11 Wonderful Years together!

Yesterday we celebrated our 11th year Anniversary by going to a Utah Grizzlies Hockey game which they lost 2-1 and staying a night at the Anniversary Inn in the room called "The Mansion" then we went to dinner and shopping. It was such a wonderful weekend with the man I love! I am thankful to my parents for taking our kids and letting us have a romantic getaway. I copied a Man Tag from Jessica (Thanks Jessica) since she just celebrated her 11th anniversary.
1-Where did you meet your husband? At CEU, I was a senior in high school and I had friends at CEU so they introduced me to him.
2-How long did you date before you got married? We dated on and off for 1 year when he proposed then another 4 months after that.
3-How long have you been married? 11 wonderful and some hard years.
4-What does he do that surprises you? Works long long hours to provide for our family. Lets me play when I want without complaining!
5-What is your fav. feature of his? He is Tall, Dark and handsome!
6-What is his best quality? Loves to spend time with his family!
7-Does he have a nickname for you? Just hun or hunny
8-What is his fav. food? Steak, Ribs or Pasta's.
9-What is his fav. sport? He loves Baseball and basketball.
10-When and where did you first kiss? 2nd or 3rd date at the movies and back at his apartment.
11-What is you fav. thing to do as a couple? We love to camp, fish, ride 4 wheelers and boat and vacation together!
12-Do you have children? Yes 3 adopted. Austin 6 Dylan 4 and Zaydree 2
13-Does he have any hidden talents? He is a very handy man can fix almost anything and he knows tons about Electricity!
14-How old is he? 32 years old
15-What is his fav. music? Rap crap or ACDC, nickelback and different alternative
16-What do you admire most about him? He loves me for being me! He Makes sure me and the kids are happy and satisfied.
17-What is his fav. color? Totally Blue! (GO Yankees! always wears his NY hat.)
18-Will he read this? Probably not unless I show it to him.
19-Who said I love you first? He certainly did!!!
20-I tag... Whoever wants to share to us about their husbands!

Pictures will follow!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dinner Time Conversation

Growing up for me and now dinner conversation with my family has always been the best. So I try and implement that in my own family. Just to ask them how their day went by saying" What was favorite thing you did at school", "What did you eat for lunch" (Which this question they seem to always know the most of), "What was the saddest thing that happened at school" So I am informed on everything even if it is only coming out of my kids mouth it is still conversation.
So the other night at the dinner table I was just being myself and I said: Let's eat and be marry!
DJ: I don't want to get married.
Austin: You have to when you get big.
Mom: You should after a mission and college.
Austin: Yeah then we can kiss them when we are married.
Mom: Yeah I would wait until then that sounds like a good idea.
It is just so cute and funny how they catch up on the littlest things.
Now the biggest thing around our house is: Mom and Dad you have to be nice because Jesus says so. They think by saying that, it will work when they are in trouble. I think it is cute but I am too mean. So it does show they do learn in church. Even if it is for that reason.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

As you can see we went with the Star Wars theme. WE had a blast doing it! Austin was Darth Vader, DJ was a Jedi, Zaydree was Yoda, Jill Princess Leia and Mark had to work so we didn't buy him a costume, but I joked around saying he was Chewy if he would just take his shirt off. He knows I was just kidding.
It has been a busy week. Tuesday our friends had a kid party with a fun little spook alley in the garage with a lot of goodies and hot chocolate and a lot of adult socializing by the fire, We had a church party on Wednesday night with carving pumpkin contest and a chili cookout, Thursday was our friends party and I was in charge of games so I was a little stressed out but I had a great time doing it and the party was a blast! We have the best friends in the whole world! Friday we had a parade at the daycare with a carnival, Austin had a parade at his school along with a carnival, and DJ had a party. So trying to help everyone out and make sure I was to all events plus go trick or treating tonight it has been a long week. I think I am just going to relax and have a peaceful weekend. I don't know how many of you do it with more than 3 kids and working full time because with 3 I think it is a butt kicker some days! Well I hope all of you had a wonderful Halloween this year. I thought we would have had more trick or treaters than we did but I won't complain also it was a miracle we didn't have any after 9:00 pm I thought for a Friday we would have late ones but we didn't and it was nice!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Poor DJ!

Poor DJ had to go get stitches in his chin this week. Mark had the day off so I made him take him to the E.R. He was being a little boy and pushing a box to go like a car on the ground and hit a divot on the cement and sliced his chin opened. He had to get 4 stitches. My mom thought it wasn't that bad, but when I looked at it and I could see flesh and meat up there I told her I think he needs stitches. But he was so brave Mark said. Now at the E.R they give numbing cream before they have to give the shot and they really don't feel nothing. SO I was thankful he was so tough and brave. The other sad thing was about 2 weeks ago I thought he broke his nose jumping off a tower at our house. It bleed for awhile and bruised fast, but luckily it wasn't broken or people at the E.R or everyone around us probably thinks we really beat our child. But I guess BOYS will be BOYS!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Watch out David Beckham!

So tonight was our last night of soccer and for some reason every year or season I get talked into coaching (not that I don't mind, it's the fact that I have a daughter that isn't that helpful.) But it is soooooo much fun to see your kids progress through the years as they start out in sports. Mark and I are quite competitive when it comes to sports and we try not to push it to much on our kids, I think we explain that sport to our kids and let it go from there. If they enjoy it we help them along and try to help them excel in that sport. But not to brag to much I honestly can't believe how far our little Austin who is 6 has excelled! Every game he is after the ball and tries to get as many goals as possible. The first game he just moped around and I told him I would give him a dollar if he made a goal and he really went after it and scored. So the rest of games he scored an average of 4-5 goals a game and kept asking for dollars, but I told him it was for the first game only but made him feel special about every game he played. Grandma & pa were there and Mark and one goal tonight was awesome, it was from half court on a soccer field over all the kids heads and past the goalie. Yes these kids are only 4-6 years old but everyone cheered and I was so proud of what he has accomplished this season. I will show a pic of him hanging on my leg when he was 4 and a pic from now. Also this was DJ's first year playing and he did a good job, he had to make sure after every time he kicked the ball that I gave him a high five he was excited. It will be fun to see how he will progress through the years also! So David Beckham if you read this and want to personally come to my house and give my 6 year old pointers feel free and come over any time I will be home!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy 32nd Birthday Mark!

Happy 32nd Birthday To Mark. We had an enjoyable weekend. We ended up going down to St. George for the weekend to see Les Miserable.(I'm not sure if that is what he wanted to do but we did it anyway.) I quite enjoyed the show soooo very much. It was a wonderful love story. Plus we had Zaydree and she was a handful for a little while but then Mark was able to watch more of it, he just thought it was long, but the whole 3 hours I was entertained. Then we went shopping the next day, went to dinner at The Outback Steakhouse and caught the movie Eagle Eye which was good. I had to make sure we through some manly stuff in there for his special day. Then we ended up visiting some friends; The Threets and The Larson's which we hadn't seen in awhile so it was very nice to catch up and to be very entertained what cuties both of you have! Then on Sunday me and my mom made him a wonderful dinner with pulled BBQ pork, twice baked potatoes and rolls with a pumpkin cake. It was all so very delicious. Then he opened his gifts. He got updated software for his GPS from me and the kids, archery movie and hat and valve from his parents, money from my parents, money from Jacqie and Elam, PF Chang's gift card from Leonard's, Pocket tool key chain set from His sister Heidi and family. He also wants to go on a hunt in Montana next year so I told him he has to put his money away to save for the trip, But that is really what he wants so I am for it. I just can't believe how quickly time flies and how fast we really grow up. The fun thing is that he shares his birthday with 2 other of my close friends it is just a great day to have a Birthday. Well Hun, Thank you for everything, You are the light of my life, My best friend and companion. And a great father to our children! I love you with everything I have. Love ya, Jill

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Family pictures

So we all were brave and put up with all 17 of us in my family and broke down and got our family pictures. It had been 4-5 years ago since we had all of us in the picture. Jacqie wasn't married so it added her husband Elam, Jessica was just barely married so she had no kids in the picture and now she has 2 Beau and Hunter, Jeni had a old boyfriend in the pic and Sharla was 2, And I had Austin and a foster baby Jaycee in the old pic and now we have Dylan and Zaydree So it was quite hectic. But I think we may have found 1-2 good ones throughout all of the pictures that were taken. And Marie Bowles at Bryners Photography was so patient with all of us she did a great job. I am just glad that it will be another 4 years for another one. Hopefully you enjoy them.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy 80th Birthday Great Grandma Emerson!

I just wanted to shout out to Great Grandma Emerson "Happy 80th Birthday"! She is Marks grandma that lives in Bozeman, Montana and we really don't get to see her a lot. But when we do the kids, especially Austin loves being around her! The other 2 kids have only met her twice so they are still getting to know her. But what an accomplishment on turning 80. I hope I am a lot like her, she still goes strong with a job, takes care of most of the things around her home by herself, still driving and being a great grandmother! Tonight I asked her how it was to be 80 and she said what are you talking about I still feel like I am in my 20's! So I thought that was cute. I just wish we would have been able to do something for her because I am all about PARTIES! But I know she knows we all love and support her in the many ways that we know how! We Love you Great Grandma Jean Emerson!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My 30th Birthday Party!

Well today was the big day for me! I didn't quite know what to expect, I hit the big 3 0! But my husband and family were amazing! My husband threw me a party that I didn't know about. He invited my friends and we headed to Provo for the day. He surprised me by taking us to a ice arena by Seven Peaks, because he knows I love to ice skate. He bought hockey sticks for all of us to play hockey there but we weren't allowed to play so we will have to save them for this winter out at the fairgrounds.
Then he surprised me with a wonderful birthday gift, He bought me a mother's ring with all the kids' birth stones in it. He picked it out himself. I was very impressed! Then we headed to one of my favorite restaurants P F Changs and had a very enjoyable time! I have the most supported family and friends in the whole world, I am quite lucky to have them in my life! (Or they are just so lucky to have me in their life, I haven't figured it out yet.) Then Sunday, we had our Primary Program and I promised all the kids if they sang well I would have cupcakes and they did AWESOME! But instead I had Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I was very proud of all of them! So it started off as a great birthday. Then my dad and sister cooked an wonderful meal while my mom was away. I think my dad is a chef on the side, but never tells my mom because she is an amazing cook also. And had family over for the dinner and we opened gifts and had dessert which Jeni and Brandi made. Yum, Brownies and Blueberry Cheesecake my two favorites! SO all in all I guess 30 isn't so bad, I just need to loose 15 more pounds and I guess it won't be so depressing! Thank you to all my family and friends for a wonderful B-day!
p.s Hey Kelly, Shauntel and Debra, Thank you soooooooo much for the Spotted Dick Pudding it sure will come in handy for my 72 hour pack! Love ya guys!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My mom is mean!

So I know looking at this picture it looks like my kids have the meanist mom ever!! But it isn't how it really looks. I just love this picture, DJ got put in time out go figure, we were at a wedding reception and he was acting up so I put him in a timeout and ran something to my mom. When I came back out Zaydree was sitting by him pouting like DJ and I needed a picture so Austin thought he needed in the picture also. So really this picture is a reinactment of what happened but I thought it was hilarious! I thought I would share because I know many of you witness the same thing every once in awhile!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Parents move in!!!!

So I know what many of you are thinking just by reading my title "My Parents move in" but it isn't that bad. My parents sold the home that I grew up in 3-4 years ago and bought a old home on Carbon Ave. and remodeled it with the intention of selling this 1919 home. Lets just remember how homes have been selling the last 9 months. Not so great. But last month this cute young couple moved to Price and loves old homes. My mom is really talented so she can decorate and turn old things new again. So when they finally got an offer on their home after being on the market for 8 months I think I was more excited than they were! I really encouraged them to sell the home that I grew up in to build a brand new home that they could retire in. They bought in Liberty Estates 3 years ago and it has bloomed so much already. My parents have their plans and are in the process so I only have another year then we will be tenant free. But my kids are loving it! We get more home cooked meals than before, My kitchen is more clean, and a lot of organizing has been done. So really I encourage more of you to witness what my family has witnessed with your family living right with you! It is like they have their own apartment with our basement.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm So excited PRISON BREAK is on!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I Don't know if many of you are fans like I am for Prison Break, But it is the BEST show ever!!! Micheal and Lincon are FINE. And it just started the 4th season on Monday and I tell you what, those two hours were packed with full entertainment. And I am excited that Sarah is back. Because Micheal is sure hot with her.(Wishing it was me). They say, Micheal will have many sceens with his shirt off, dang it! But if you have not seen it yet go rent the whole season 1 not just one disc, the whole season because you will be hooked like that! Then get the rest of the seasons and you will know what I am talking about. I know the movie insticts are coming out from me like I still manage Blockbuster or something, but NO I am not promoting for them this is for your own good!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Park City Getaway, Written by Kelly Rassmussen!


(Just a warning . . . I am feeling immense pressure to make this an unforgettable post which usually means it will be a long rambling bunch of mumbo jumbo that will only be funny to me and the manager of the Park City Dress Barn.)

After a fun filled weekend in Park City, the women have returned to their nests. I am betting that we all came home to disastrous homes and dirty kids, but our hopes were high that we would feel well rested, patient and sexually inclined. Let me just say that after about 10 minutes after I walked in the door I was screaming at my hubby & kids to give me some space.

Let's recap. We loaded up the prison van on Thursday afternoon and headed to Provo to pick up some stragglers. We ate our first all meat meal of the weekend at Rodizio's and then headed to Park City. We arrived at the Silver King later that night and settled in for a hilariously funny movie, "What happens in Vegas." (I am not being sarcastic. Well, maybe about the hilariously funny part.) Jill tried to get some leg wrestling going, but it was kind of perverted so it didn't last long.
I was not too impressed with the hotel, but I guess a blood smear in the kitchen is only a big deal if you are planning on cooking, which we weren't.

We got up bright and early and headed to the main attraction, SWISS DAYS in Midway. It was surprisingly Swiss. Their were all sorts of booths, like the Swiss Taco Booth, the Swiss Chicken Sandwich booth, etc. I found out later that the taco's were Navajo's and the sandwiches were Californian, but I guess when you put one of those little Swiss Flags on a toothpick and insert it into something, it is officially theirs. Don't mess with the Swiss.

There were some cute things there, but nothing I couldn't find a t Tai-Pan. It was like mass hysteria. We arrived at 7:30 am to find hoards of women running around trying to find the "next great thing." I am thinking about charging some of the vendors next year to get their items moving. I will carry an item, let's say for instance a big gnarly stick with a witch hat on top, and I will have two or three women try to knock me over and steal it. Before you know it, those broomsticks will be going like hot-cakes. We lasted about three hours and headed to the Tanger Outlets in Park City.

We shopped and ate, then shopped and ate. That is literally all I can say.

We headed back to the hotel and then over to the zip line, coaster and Alpine slide. I have officially overcome my fear of heights thanks to the gentle prodding and pointing and laughing of the ladies. I also think there should be rules about employees making fun of customers. Debra may have been scarred for life after trying to find a fake brake on the zip line.

Debra left for the Sheepdog show, which I still think is a made up excuse to get some love time in with Barry, which only left Brandi, Jill, Karra, Melissa, Randi and myself to fend for ourselves. I know I am sometimes a loser, but I was very tired and did not quite make it through the Yahtzee extravaganza. It sounded fun, but I was tired from all the eating.

We got up the next morning and dropped Melissa off in Provo and headed for the spa. I had a lovely facial from Virginia and the day ended well.

I would just like to reiterate that it was an amazing weekend and I am so glad I got to know the ladies a little bit better. Even Jill.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bow Hunting in the Boulder Mountains.

We went down to the Boulder Mountains on Thurs. to get ready for the opening of the Deer Hunt which was on Aug. 16th. We had an enjoyable time with my parents, Sharla, Jacqie and Elam. We decided to fish one of those days. We hiked 3 miles in to Deer Creek Lake and Green Lake and hiked 3 out. I have not hiked that much in a long while. But they are gorgeous lakes. Austin and DJ hiked in with us, they were good troopers. I of course wore the wrong shoes so my feet killed, but it was worth it and I was the only one to catch a fish so I out skunked everyone. At Green Lake it is a volcano type lake and the water is so clear you can see the fish swimming everywhere. But they are hard to catch, some weigh 5-8 pounds. BUt of course not mine. But it was good tastin'.

On Saturday started the big hunt. My dad hit a 4 point and tracked it for hours but could not find it. So they came back to camp to get help to find it. So then again I hiked 2 more miles up and down hillsides so by this time I was really hoping I have lost 10 pounds but when I got home to my dismay I didn't lose any. So opening day no one got anything but we did see quite a few bucks, doe's and fawns.
Sunday Mark was successful with a cute little 3 point. He said it didn't take long to track it. He hit it in a good spot like always! He was excited and so was I so that he didn't have to go hunting every weekend now until it is done.
We love the Boulder Mountains, It is so pretty up there and peaceful we try and go every year. Congrats Mark!

Monday, August 18, 2008

School has started!! Yippy!

So, Austin started 1st grade today at Creekview Elem. His teacher is Mrs. Cox. He was so excited today that I made him breakfast and I went to go get ready to take him to school that I when I was done, I came down stairs to find him no where, I couldn't see his back pack and the front door was unlocked so I looked outside to see where he was. He walked up to the new bus stop without brushing his teeth or getting his hair combed. SO I know how excited he really was to head to school. He was so cute, it is quite funny in our case, how much they mature each year you just never know if they will ever grow up a little. Not that I want him to grow up to big, but just a little would help.
He has many friends in his class like: Zac, Carter, Kendra, Emily, Esp, James, and Brayden O. SO I know he will quite enjoy school if he can stay out of trouble and listen to the teacher!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

DJ turns 4 years old!

DJ turned 4 years old yesterday! What a fun Birthday we had. We ended up sleeping over at our Friends The Hursts in Stansbury Park after we got off the plane from Oregon so we could wake up and go to Lagoon.
Everyone had a good time. I got to ride all the rides I wanted plus the kids rode all the rides they could and we only spent about 5 hours there. It is so fun to see the kids enjoy the rides. DJ would always say after each ride " Mom, that was soooo fun lets do it again." Zaydree would say "tickle mommy tickle." She would go on all the rides her brothers did. And Austin didn't know what to think of the scary rides I went on, he would say "I'm not riding that mom, you are crazy." He must take after Mark because he just watches the kids while I go on all the fun rides, He really don't care for heights or rides. But Mark got his fix after we went to Cabela's so he could buy his Archery stuff for the hunt next weekend.
We are so thankful for DJ and the example he is to us. He is such a fun loving boy and so easy going. Today we had cake and ice cream at my mom's for him and he opened his gifts. He got some Diego toys from us and school clothes and shoes, Race car set from Jacqie and Elam, School clothes from Grandma & pa Tolley, and money from Grandma & pa Emerson, and a Texas football and shirt from the Guest's. We sure had a good time. Now he says that he is 4 years old he wants his training wheels off his bike, so that is something we need to work on here shortly. Take care.

Pictures of Oregon

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vacation in Oregon!

Boy am I exhausted!! I never thought vacation or in my case vacationsssss would be so exhausting. I thought they were for relaxing, great nights sleep, shopping, pure enjoyment with friends or family. But not so much in our case, I have been away from my nice and wonderful bed wayyyyyyy to long. So I am excited to sleep in my bed tonight and have one night that Zaydree will sleep through the whole night in her bed. But I shouldn't complain because it was an amazing time in Oregon. Not everyday do you get to see whales right out your condo window within 50-75 yards. (I have many witnesses to that to) We had our Potts family 4 hr reunion up in Oregon. And yes I really mean only 4 hrs. It consisted of us going to the Oregon Aquarium in Newpor and having a dinner after words and walking on the Beach and taking Pictures. But it was worth it to see the many things that we saw up there.
I havn't been there since I was little and Mark use to always go up there with his grandparents for summer vacations so we knew our kids and us would enjoy it.
We went to the Portland Zoo the 2nd day we got there and It was 10 times better than our SLC zoo, it has tons of shade and a whole lot more animals and it is not just focused on the while alligator or elephants. But driving in Portland isn't that easy also, Mark is a great navigator and when he gets lost or turned around in many directions it doesn't make it the easiest of our travels. Then the next day we went to the waterfalls and the Gorge and it was gorgeous but it was a rainy day, so we headed down to Depoe Bay where our condo and reunion was.
Saturday was the big reunion day and I told you what happened there.
Sunday we went to the light house on a self guided tour, shopped down town shops and spent to much money, and had the Potts family over for family night to watch the whales and go swimming. Yes I said swimming, not in the ocean which was way to cold but the swimming pool in the condo and that wasn't the first or last time of our swimming it went on for 10 days straight. I think kids don't really care for vacation they just want to swim 10 times a day all day long, at least mine do.
Monday we went to the Hatfield museum with many fish that was hands on and we had a good time there, Zaydree just loves fish so I think this vacation was just for her.
Tuesday my Parents flew out so it was just us so we went to the underseas museum, Wax works and Ripleys believe it or not. And let me tell you a funny story at Ripley's we have all our kids and the girl that was checking us out was hitting on Mark which I thought was funny but, then turns to him and says those 2 boys look just like their Dad.(Austin and DJ) Is the girl yours too? Mark just said yes and didn't want to ruin it for her on the boys and make her feel even stupider for the comment she made and the flirting she was doing. Put now everywhere I go people always just assume Zaydree is the adopted one and not the boys so I fill everyone in and let them know all of my children are adopted so no one is left out they are all special to us.
Wednesday we walked many Beaches looking for sand dollars, sea shells and anything else we could find. Mark found a sand dollar that had only a tiny part broken from it so that was cool, I found so star fish and a bigger crab that wandered up to shore and we took pics, Austin found some cool sea shells that we kept.
Thursday we went into Lincoln city and went shopping and the Tangent Outlets like the ones in Park city and got some cute clothes and shoes for all of us and ate at many wonderful seafood joints. Being on the coast and loving seafood are two added bonuses because their clam chowders, crab legs, halibut, salmon, shrimp were to die for.
Friday we flew out but before that we made sure to have a stop at Chuck E. Cheeses for the kids and for DJ's birthday.
Word of advice when flying especially with a 2 year old always fly coach and not first class because when you do you get many unfriendly people that want to kill you or kidnap your child, lesson learned always use sky miles for coach and not first class.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

....Years ago!

20 years ago.... I was in the 3rd grade at Creekview Elem., chasing all the boys out on the play ground playing either soccer or basketball with them. They all thought that I was pretty awesome since a girl could play all those sports. I just started piano lessons but not so big in to that.

10 years ago.... I just barely got married so I was experiencing life with a partner for the first time and let me tell you that it was a rocky road for the first year or so. I was working at Wal-mart as a Customer service Manager and Mark was at ECI starting his apprentiship. I also was still trying to hang out with my friends as much as possible.

5 years ago.... I was working at Blockbuster as the Manager, We had no kids yet we were doing tons of fertility medicine and no luck so we decided to start foster care and had 2 sibilings and Austin who we later adopted.

1 year ago.... Having fun in the sun, We went to Lake Powell, Eden, Lagoon and we celebrated our 10 year anniversary in Hawaii. It was a blast, so beautiful and amazing can't wait to go back! Zaydree was 1 year old and we just barely gotten DJ in foster care, which we later adoped. And Austin started Kindergarten at Creekview.

So far this year.... We Watched Zaydree turn 2, Austin turn 6, DJ will be 4. We have went to Lake Powell, spent 10 days in Montana and had a great time, went to Bear Lake for 5 days with great friends, and We are headed to Oregon for a family vacation in 2 days for 10 days in a condo with my family. We sure love to vacation and we do it quite frequently!

Yesterday.... I packed for Oregon and cleaned out my car.

Tomorrow.... I will play catch up at the Daycare Center before we leave.

Feel free and copy if you would like I copied it from Ali, Thanks girl!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pictures of Bear Lake

Bear Lake was a blast!

We just returned from a week vacation in Bear Lake. The water is always so clear and beautiful. We went with 3 other couples, Leonards, Hillams, and the Nelson's. You would think people would be sick of each other rooming together, but not us. We can talk about the funniest or grossist things ever and we all still laugh! It is great times. The beach is so kid friendly that it goes out about 50-60 yards and it is still only at the kids' knees.
That Lake is mainly for tubing, not water skiing or knee boarding because of the waves. But it is always fun to throw the men off the water weiney. Especially Steve sorry! The men had a good time at the golf course while us women tended to the children, and we were just being lazy.
The lake called for some awesome sand castles, illegal fireworks from Evanston, Wy., Riding on the weiney and tubes, snorkeling with Brandi's snokel gear, Playing football and fast pitch softball with Dave and Melissa, Millions of families stretched along the beach on the 24th of July, literally families trying to sit on our laps or play on our boats or just play with our sand toys!
The Firework display that was put on by Mark was amazing!!! Thanks hunny. Only 2 out of the 10 kids burned their hands which was a good thing, you never know what can happen when you are playing with illegal fireworks. Ha Ha. To tell you the truth they sure beat our fountains, snakes, strobe lights, flowers, smoke bombs here in Utah.
Thanks to all my friends that made a fun and enjoyable time at Bear Lake, next year plan on the same great fun!

I am Finally a Blogger!!

So I gave into peer pressure and I thought I would give this a shot. I quite enjoy reading all my friends blog spots so bear with me as I am quite new to all of this!