Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New York Yankees Rule!

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So I know I am a little late in posting this, but oh well! I don't know if many of you know that Mark and I are huge Yankees fans! So this year was a awesome year for them! I enjoyed watching every game, every inning! I am a baseball fan anyway in general so it makes it more fun to watch cute and awesomely talented guys work their magic! Many people sit and complain on how they are overpaid and don't really know what baseball is, but I truely agree if you are that talented you should get paid no matter what the cost is! Plus they also get the bragging rights to hold it! SO my hat goes out to the Yankees they made us proud! The funnest thing was that we got our family pics done in Oct. all in our Yankees shirts and Christmas cards in Yankees so it will make it for a good New York Yankee Year!
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sept. & Oct. 2009

So I pretty much think I am the worst Blogger in History! So to start Sept. off we had our annual Girls getaway to Swiss Days! We had 10 of us go and we stayed up late, went hot tubing and we went to the Olympic Park and did the zip line, slide and watched the skiers. Thanks to Ed!In Sept. Zayd started up Dancing, Tumbling, Swim lessons and Preschool. Austin-stared Flag football, Swim lessons, and Piano lessons. Dj-Started up Tumbling, and Swim lessons. All these activities have sure kept us busy around here. Then also in Sept. I turned the big 31! We just had a family dinner and at my favorite meal with cupcake cones. I think after you turn 18 birthdays are just there, and it nearly wasn't as bad as 30. So all in all it was another day!
In October us and Leonard's went to the Creed and Stained Concert at the E Center. Not as good as Nickleback, but it was clean fun and I actually remembered some of the songs. But again mainly I went for Mark. It is always fun to get away. On the 12th of Oct. Mark turned 33. We had dinner for him here and celebrated with a ice cream cake from cold stone. Then for Halloween we all dressed up as JIll & Mark-Sandy and Danny off Grease, Austin-Capt.Rex a storm trooper off Star wars, DJ-a Dragon, Zayd-Minnie Mouse. We put together a friends Halloween party with Pot luck, games like: What if..., Fear Factor Trivia, and Stretch your spouse. It always is so fun to get together with such great friends and have a great time!
And also of course I am staying busy with the Daycare and such, we now have 10 of us that work out there with trying to expand again. Great Job security is all I can say!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Zaydree's big day!

Zaydree started her first day of Preschool today! I didn't know exactly what to think, but with her being in the daycare she has been ready for quite some time. Her teacher is amazing and she calls her Miss Racquel. Zayd goes to Preschool at Creekview on Tues. and Thurs. and is already asking to go tomorrow. Today she painted a big picture she said, had strawberry snack sang some songs and went out for recess to play on the big play ground. She especially loves to sing songs and catches on quite quickly. But going to school she wanted to be big like her brothers and ride the bus and I told her she had to wait for 2 more years.
On top of school Zayd is finally potty trained!!!! Woo Hoo! I never thought I would see the day. It took 3 days of HELL, but she finally has came to the understanding of her pee has to go in the potty and not her diaper or panties. Now she know when she has to go and goes by herself. The main thing she love is for us to sing the pee pee dance song, and doesn't like to make mom or dad sad so she does it for those reasons. Plus she has started Dance and Tumbling and I didn't want them to have to change any poop diapers or any wet spills anywhere. So I am quite proud of her!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Kids' first day of school!

I know so I am a little late at blogging, but I need to do this for journal purposes!
This year is DJ's first year of Kindergarten. His teacher is Miss Tawna, which is who Austin had. He is so excited he gets to go to Austin's school and ride the big bus like all the other kids. He goes all day and he is already catching on. He is such a good little boy and a good listener. I usually only have to repeat things to him 1 time and he gets it. He brought home something the other day that he had colored and I told him he was in kindergarten now that he couldn't scribble he had to stay in the lines, so the next day he came back with a pic that was so good and he got 2 stickers on his paper. He has been catching on to the songs that they have been learning so I think he is loving every minute of it. The only thing is that he is not a morning person like me, but faithfully getting up when their alarm goes off.
Austin is in 2nd grade this year, and what a difference it totally makes. His handwriting is getting better, they read alot more and their attitudes seem to be getting better!(Especially for me since many of you may know Austin) His teacher is Mrs. Torrez and she seems to be doing a good job by keeping him in line. He is enjoying recess, running and math. That is what he tells me anyway. He is into eating healthy which kills me since he is only 7 and into exercising, so who knows what is in store for him. I am so proud of my kids and how far they have came and everything they have accomplished so far.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What not to wear to a concert!!!!

Karra, Brandi, Mer, Shawn, Mark and Me all headed for a fun filled night of some of our favorite bands like: Saving Abel, Papa Roach, Hinder and Nickelback. What I enjoyed the most was....
#1 Hottie Ryan from Nickelback He is fine and can sing and play guitar even though he is only #2 guy with Nickelback.
#2-Being close to the front row to see the singers up close.
#3-Knowing all the Nickelback songs and singing loudly to all of them.
#4-being with my husband because it was a concert he enjoyed instead of a country
#5-Hanging out with girls and our cool colored hair!
#6-Checking out and making fun of people at the concert!
#7-Great food at Famous Dave's before the concert.

My least favorite things of the night were....
#1-Standing on my feet for 7 hours straight in boots.
#2-Waiting almost 2 hours to get our tickets in the heat.
#3-The language that the bands use! They have awful potty mouths!
#4-chicks making out next to us, but later got in trouble and almost kicked out.
#5-The drunk losers all around us getting in fights or doing things they shouldn't be doing.
#6-Getting Beer thrown on us during the concert.
#7-Waiting 1 hour to just get out of the USANA parking lot.

But other than that we had a good time. I may stick to just country concerts! But Nickelback is still one of my favorite all time bands if they would just stay to singing and not talking! Plus now I really know who Ryan is!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer fun!!

So I know I have been a slacker on here but, we have been playing and having way to much fun this summer like always!
To start the summer off we took our annual trip to Lake Powell with our friends, The Leonards, Hillams, Nelsons, Joy, Petersons, and Latimers. Most of us stay in a single wide trailor and all have our own rooms. We play in the water most of the day so it is mainly to eat and sleep. But we are comfortable with it, we just call it LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR! We drove to Rainbow Bridge and and viewed the bridge and where the pioneers came over with their handcarts. We hiked up Mokey Canyon and found frogs and rolled down the big hill. It is always a GREAT time.
Next I had Youth Conference with the Youth in the Ward. Since my calling in Young Womens we have a great time. We started off with a service Project, ate pizza and got rained on. Then we headed to the Bishops cabin for a fireside and some hiking and fun. We then headed to Heber canyon at the churches cabins where we played volleyball, canoeing (watching the bishop and randy fall in), had a youth dance and ropes course followed by a spiritual testimony mtg. It was a great time.
Then in July we took off and did our annual Bear Lake trip again with our friends. It was Us, Leonards, Hillams, Nelsons, Petersons and Liz & Connor. We had a fun time letting the kids play in the water, riding the wienie, Visiting the Heaps at their cabin, Eating good Raspberries shakes and fighting the crowds at the beach for our beach spots.
I Love playing softball like I do every year this year I broke my thumb pitching, and let me tell you it is so hard to do anything without a thumb. Hard to do my hair fix anything, play anything. Just hard, so I had to leave a stick with a bandage over it for 5-6 weeks. Just barely getting to use it now.
Over the 24th me and my parents and Jacqie and Elam went camping over to Willow Lake up Ferron mountain. Where I skunked my dad in catching fish like I always do. My mom took us on a fun 4-wheeler trip to visit a bunch of ponds and see some beautiful scenary. We fished at Willow, Ferron, blue lake and 2 other ones.
On Aug. 7-9 We took off and headed to Bozeman Montana for the Bridgewater family Reunion. It is Mark's grandma Jeans side. It was a quick trip but they only have it every 3 years and we didn't want to miss it. Plus grandma Jean had been sick so we wanted to make sure everything was ok with her. It was good to see some family we haven't seen in awhile. Plus it was good to see Marks parents. We stayed at the motel with the 90 ft. slide and of course that is all the kids wanted to do is swim. We shopped and went out to eat at some good restaurants.
Every year we go up hunting over Boulder Mountain for the archery hunt. We left on wed. the 12th hoping for a fun time, but on our way I stopped to pick up Jacqie and her trailor with her Durango. We were leaving Huntington and just by Lawarence turn off the trailor started bouncing so I slowed down, then it started swaying so I tried to speed up then it was doing it worse so I hit my brakes and the trailor was swaying harder and took us into the guard rail so I over corrected and went into the other lane, Luckily there was no other traffic, I over corrected again and the trailor wrapped around the durango so I over corrected it again and the tire popped on the trailor and I thought we were going to roll. I could see a diesel coming so I was praying not to let us roll and him to stop so he didn't run into us. But I put the front end of the durango into the guard rail and we just came to a complete stop. I was the scarriest thing I have ever went through and thorough all that my family was behind me in our truck and camper watching all of it. So I am thankful for Prayer, The guard rail (We would've been in a 30 ft. ravine), and no oncoming traffic, or else it would've been uglier than it was. But Jacqies traior was totalled and damage of course was done to her durango.
On a good note though, we had a fun and relaxing day up in Boulder, My dad got a 2 point opening day. Me and my grandpa Potts hiked up Green lake and Deer lake to enjoy some good fishing, where I caught a good 2 pounder and another fish, but skunked out my grandpa. We used our float tube for the first time up Lower bounds and I didn't catch anything there but had a good time. We left our trailor up there since Mark didn't get anything and he went back up a couple days later. Where he supposedly missed the big 4 point, but ended up settling with a 2 point. We just use the meat for jerky anyway. But it is something Mark looks forward to every year, and so do we!
So I hope all of you had a great summer with your friends and family, Because I know we sure did!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

June & July 09

Every year over the 4th of July we try and go to Lagoon and the Bees game. This year the Hurdsman's met us up there and we had a blast riding Wicked, going to the waterpark, Spending the day together, watching the game go 11 innings, spotting out the drunken idiots, seeing a coach and a player on the other team get thrown out of the game and seeing some awesome fireworks!
Our summer has been a blast so far this year! We have done alot with friends and family. We have been fortunate to have Mark's family and our nieces and nephews come to Price and spend some time with us. We kept them entertained by going to our cabin in Scofield, going to Moab to the Arches, going to the good old museum and wave pool and their favorite, riding 4-wheelers. We sure wish they can come down more often and spend time with us every year!