Sunday, September 28, 2008

My 30th Birthday Party!

Well today was the big day for me! I didn't quite know what to expect, I hit the big 3 0! But my husband and family were amazing! My husband threw me a party that I didn't know about. He invited my friends and we headed to Provo for the day. He surprised me by taking us to a ice arena by Seven Peaks, because he knows I love to ice skate. He bought hockey sticks for all of us to play hockey there but we weren't allowed to play so we will have to save them for this winter out at the fairgrounds.
Then he surprised me with a wonderful birthday gift, He bought me a mother's ring with all the kids' birth stones in it. He picked it out himself. I was very impressed! Then we headed to one of my favorite restaurants P F Changs and had a very enjoyable time! I have the most supported family and friends in the whole world, I am quite lucky to have them in my life! (Or they are just so lucky to have me in their life, I haven't figured it out yet.) Then Sunday, we had our Primary Program and I promised all the kids if they sang well I would have cupcakes and they did AWESOME! But instead I had Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I was very proud of all of them! So it started off as a great birthday. Then my dad and sister cooked an wonderful meal while my mom was away. I think my dad is a chef on the side, but never tells my mom because she is an amazing cook also. And had family over for the dinner and we opened gifts and had dessert which Jeni and Brandi made. Yum, Brownies and Blueberry Cheesecake my two favorites! SO all in all I guess 30 isn't so bad, I just need to loose 15 more pounds and I guess it won't be so depressing! Thank you to all my family and friends for a wonderful B-day!
p.s Hey Kelly, Shauntel and Debra, Thank you soooooooo much for the Spotted Dick Pudding it sure will come in handy for my 72 hour pack! Love ya guys!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My mom is mean!

So I know looking at this picture it looks like my kids have the meanist mom ever!! But it isn't how it really looks. I just love this picture, DJ got put in time out go figure, we were at a wedding reception and he was acting up so I put him in a timeout and ran something to my mom. When I came back out Zaydree was sitting by him pouting like DJ and I needed a picture so Austin thought he needed in the picture also. So really this picture is a reinactment of what happened but I thought it was hilarious! I thought I would share because I know many of you witness the same thing every once in awhile!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Parents move in!!!!

So I know what many of you are thinking just by reading my title "My Parents move in" but it isn't that bad. My parents sold the home that I grew up in 3-4 years ago and bought a old home on Carbon Ave. and remodeled it with the intention of selling this 1919 home. Lets just remember how homes have been selling the last 9 months. Not so great. But last month this cute young couple moved to Price and loves old homes. My mom is really talented so she can decorate and turn old things new again. So when they finally got an offer on their home after being on the market for 8 months I think I was more excited than they were! I really encouraged them to sell the home that I grew up in to build a brand new home that they could retire in. They bought in Liberty Estates 3 years ago and it has bloomed so much already. My parents have their plans and are in the process so I only have another year then we will be tenant free. But my kids are loving it! We get more home cooked meals than before, My kitchen is more clean, and a lot of organizing has been done. So really I encourage more of you to witness what my family has witnessed with your family living right with you! It is like they have their own apartment with our basement.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm So excited PRISON BREAK is on!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I Don't know if many of you are fans like I am for Prison Break, But it is the BEST show ever!!! Micheal and Lincon are FINE. And it just started the 4th season on Monday and I tell you what, those two hours were packed with full entertainment. And I am excited that Sarah is back. Because Micheal is sure hot with her.(Wishing it was me). They say, Micheal will have many sceens with his shirt off, dang it! But if you have not seen it yet go rent the whole season 1 not just one disc, the whole season because you will be hooked like that! Then get the rest of the seasons and you will know what I am talking about. I know the movie insticts are coming out from me like I still manage Blockbuster or something, but NO I am not promoting for them this is for your own good!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Park City Getaway, Written by Kelly Rassmussen!


(Just a warning . . . I am feeling immense pressure to make this an unforgettable post which usually means it will be a long rambling bunch of mumbo jumbo that will only be funny to me and the manager of the Park City Dress Barn.)

After a fun filled weekend in Park City, the women have returned to their nests. I am betting that we all came home to disastrous homes and dirty kids, but our hopes were high that we would feel well rested, patient and sexually inclined. Let me just say that after about 10 minutes after I walked in the door I was screaming at my hubby & kids to give me some space.

Let's recap. We loaded up the prison van on Thursday afternoon and headed to Provo to pick up some stragglers. We ate our first all meat meal of the weekend at Rodizio's and then headed to Park City. We arrived at the Silver King later that night and settled in for a hilariously funny movie, "What happens in Vegas." (I am not being sarcastic. Well, maybe about the hilariously funny part.) Jill tried to get some leg wrestling going, but it was kind of perverted so it didn't last long.
I was not too impressed with the hotel, but I guess a blood smear in the kitchen is only a big deal if you are planning on cooking, which we weren't.

We got up bright and early and headed to the main attraction, SWISS DAYS in Midway. It was surprisingly Swiss. Their were all sorts of booths, like the Swiss Taco Booth, the Swiss Chicken Sandwich booth, etc. I found out later that the taco's were Navajo's and the sandwiches were Californian, but I guess when you put one of those little Swiss Flags on a toothpick and insert it into something, it is officially theirs. Don't mess with the Swiss.

There were some cute things there, but nothing I couldn't find a t Tai-Pan. It was like mass hysteria. We arrived at 7:30 am to find hoards of women running around trying to find the "next great thing." I am thinking about charging some of the vendors next year to get their items moving. I will carry an item, let's say for instance a big gnarly stick with a witch hat on top, and I will have two or three women try to knock me over and steal it. Before you know it, those broomsticks will be going like hot-cakes. We lasted about three hours and headed to the Tanger Outlets in Park City.

We shopped and ate, then shopped and ate. That is literally all I can say.

We headed back to the hotel and then over to the zip line, coaster and Alpine slide. I have officially overcome my fear of heights thanks to the gentle prodding and pointing and laughing of the ladies. I also think there should be rules about employees making fun of customers. Debra may have been scarred for life after trying to find a fake brake on the zip line.

Debra left for the Sheepdog show, which I still think is a made up excuse to get some love time in with Barry, which only left Brandi, Jill, Karra, Melissa, Randi and myself to fend for ourselves. I know I am sometimes a loser, but I was very tired and did not quite make it through the Yahtzee extravaganza. It sounded fun, but I was tired from all the eating.

We got up the next morning and dropped Melissa off in Provo and headed for the spa. I had a lovely facial from Virginia and the day ended well.

I would just like to reiterate that it was an amazing weekend and I am so glad I got to know the ladies a little bit better. Even Jill.
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