Thursday, January 29, 2009

My workout buddy!

So our Biggest loser is going pretty well at the Day care Center. There is 18 of us competing for $500, with a monthly prize to the one with the most weight loss for that month. Next week it will be one month and we have 3 or 4 that have already lost 10 pounds so it has been neat to see how well people are doing. And seeing the competitive side come out in many! So me and Mark have taken on a challenge for the both of us to lose 25 pounds or so. So we work on the Wii fit and me and the girls at the daycare have been doing "Walk away the pounds" with weights and we walk now 5 miles a day, so hoping for some improvement! So Zaydree being the cutie that she is wants to always be where mom and dad is so almost every night she makes sure to get her workout in with us. We start training them young you know! Good luck to all those "LOSERS" who are yearning for the burning!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jeff Dunham, what a great ventriloquist!

What a fun time we had at Jeff Dunham! Brandi and Shawn got us tickets for Christmas to his show at the Energy Solution. And all 4 of us had a great time. If you have never seen his show on dvd or in person he is a ventriloquist and he has Walter the old guy (makes me never want to become old) but makes fun of the the places he visits and is mean to everyone! The he has Ocmid (don't remember how to spell it) but he is a skeleton and wants to kill everything, He phrase is "I'll Keel you".
Then he has peanut the purple guy and he is hilarious, many of times I thought I was going to pee my pants (glad that I didn't) but he comes up with some goooood stuff. Then there is jalapeno on a stick and he is always the butt of jokes. So thanks for a great time Brandi and Shawn, glad we got to see him in person. He did have 1/2 new stuff and 1/2 old stuff from his dvd's so I have some of them if you ever want a good laugh.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I never want to become OLD!

So Last weekend my family went to go help out my 85 year old grandma clean her house and kitchen and bathroom and dust. We knew it needed to be done really bad!!! I took on the bathroom and the fridge. Never did I know that I would loose my breakfast in the project! I don't even know when her fridge had been cleaned out last, she had chicken in the freezer since 98', celery in the fridge that was sooooo slimy and the thing that got me was some black slimy gross stuff in the fridge that just stunk! I actually threw up and Mark had to take over. I recommend helping grandma's out.
We filled up a whole garbage full of old and out dated food. If you look at these pics the Mayo is just liquid, the Ketchup was pitch black, the gram crackers package was way out dated and who knows about the rest. I feel bad because we kept making not so nice comments, but I think it would have been really hard to live in the depression, They save everything. Even things that she didn't use she honestly thought someone else could use. But the sad thing was, was that she was really serious. So just remember to help out the elderly especially those close to you!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year! Goodbye 08'

Well, 08' came and went quite quickly! We celebrated New years Eve at the church with some good friends and our families. We had PS2, Wii, Rock band, Basketball, Phase 10, scum, and Dance Dance Revolution going on. It was a blast! (sorry for all you losers that couldn't make it) We did this last year and had a great time so we thought we would try it again. We all bring treats to share so knowing that the next day or 2 all of us would be on a crash diet for the 09' year.
I thought I would do a count down to some of our highlighted events that went on in the year of 08'.
10-We went to Monster Truck for the 1st time. (Wouldn't recommend it)

9-Zaydree turned the terrible 2's.

8-Traveled to Montana twice this year for summer and Christmas. (Long 13 hours)

7-Mark and I celebrated our 11th anniversary. (Went to Hockey game & anniversary inn)

6-Opened up a Daycare Center with my mom, we watch 52 kids!

5-Released from Primary chorister and put in as Young Women's 2nd Counselor

4-Went on Many fun vacations this summer to Lake Powell, Bear Lake, Lagoon with some fun friends!

3-Whale watched and enjoyed a family vacation to Oregon for Potts' family reunion.

2-We adopted our 3rd child in April Dylan (DJ)

1-Jill turned 30, I am getting old and my body can really tell! But it isn't that bad!

Hope all of you have a wonderful year ahead of you!