Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kobe is a stud!

Kobe Bryant Pictures, Images and Photos
Kobe bryant Pictures, Images and Photos
So what can I say! Kobe Bryant is the next Micheal Jordan and the love of my life (thats when it comes to sports). I know many of you out there probably hate him and call him a cheater or whatever, but he is amazing on the court. If I had his skills I probably would be quite cocky, arogant or hot & drop dead sexy also!
So the playoffs games are on their way with Lakers batteling the Nuggets, but I forgot to Blog about this and for Journal purposes, When the Lakers were up againist the Jazz me and Mark went to the playoff 5 game in SLC. It was AWESOME! Mark didn't draw out for a hunt in Montana so I asked him what he wanted to do with that money and I threw that option at him and he was exstatic! We both are huge Laker fans so we went. Mark has taught Z to say "GO Lakers" It is so dang cute. We sat 12 rows up from the court right behind the Laker bench and I could see him perfectly! But mad I forgot my camera so the only pics I could get were on my phone and they weren't that great, but we sat with a ton of Laker fans which made it exciting because Mark was afraid to wear his Laker jersey thinking we would be by tons of Jazz fans but we were surrouded by the Purple and Yellow colors! GO LAKERS!
The Lakers Killed the Jazz that game, which tons of Jazz fans left early so I snuck down to the 4th row to watch the interview with Kobe and ESPN and it was awesome, and I was within 15 ft. from him, so it made it triple worth my while. When all along Mark thought we were really going just for him! Plus a word of advice Playoff games are the only way to go, full of excitement and entertainment. \
So I know many of you out there are wondering what the HELL is wrong with Jill, nothing I just have to admit I am a true Laker and Kobe Bryant

Sunday, May 17, 2009



We have been remodeling our home and can't wait for it to be done! We enclosed our garage and made a big family room, we added a mud room off that for coats, backpack and junk, we took the siding and brick off the front of the house and put stucco and rock. We also redone the boys' bedroom it had wallpaper (Not the best with little ones) and we just painted with the trimming so hopefully you like what we have done!

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Happy 7th Birthday Austin!
We are so glad to have Austin a part of our family. He is such a good sport, a great big brother and a good helper. He really didn't get a birthday party since we went to Disneyland but him and a couple friends get to go bowling and get ice cream at cold stone. Plus yesterday on his birthday we went to the Sand Dunes in Green River and had cupcakes and sang him happy birthday. We went riding our 4-wheelers and had fun in the HOT sun. We gave him a BB gun and a new bat and bat bag, he got money from grandparents and a helicopter from the Leonard's. So I think in all he was pretty spoiled rotten. He lost his front tooth a couple months ago so check it out in his photo. Plus he just got done with Soccer which he was a pro at. He scored avg. of 4 goals a game. He right now he is in Pee Wee baseball and is doing GREAT. He had a choir concert from his school which he stood up in front of everyone and gave his part, I was so proud of him. He also just got back from Turkey hunting with his dad and grandpa and Shawn. He loved it and said Grandpa shot a bigger turkey than dad. I don't know if he was hoaxed into saying that but he is quite the hunter. We love you Austin and are soooo glad you are a part of this family.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dj Graduated from Peek-a-boo Preschool and Head Start Preschool. He will start kindergarten in Aug. He loved Miss Sandy and all his other techers. If there was a day that he couldn't go to the daycare to school he would be sad. His birthday is in Aug. so I put him in the 2 schools and he has came a long ways! He knows how to write his name, knows his colors, the alphabet and everything else. He is a quite shy boy but his teachers always said he was a great helper. He had his good friend JR in class with him, which he enjoyed playing with along with all the other new friends he made at head start. He loved riding the short yellow bus with Miss Nita. If anyone ever saw it around town they all knew it had to be DJ's bus. So those were some of his fav. memories of school.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

California Family Vacation

So we have been home for 3 weeks and I haven't posted yet. But I wanted to share our pics and details. We rented a condo with our friends Val and Cody in Ramona, cute little town but far away from everything else. We ended up going to Disneyland the first day and had a good time. We got to see Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Buzz, and some other fun characters. WE rode all the rides and even Austin and Dj and Zaydree could ride alot of the rides. Z was excited especially for the Nemo ride, she is a huge fan. Next day, We went Lego land and it was Austins favorite place. We could've spent all week there he said. After that we went to Sea World. It was so hot that day in the 80's we got a tan. This was Zaydree's favorite place because she loves fishes, dolphins and all other water animals. Next we went to Wild Animal Kingdom. It was something new for us. Not our favorite place but the kids had a good time and we went on a little safari to see all the animals. DJ sure liked this place though. Then we went to San Diego to the beach. We let the kids collect sea shells but it was a little too cold to swim much. Plus I think Austin was over stimulated because the both of us exploded at each other. Then the last we went to California Adventure land to ride the fun rides which I loved the roller coaster there. The other rides we enjoyed were Toy Story, Bugs life 4-D, Pirates of the Caribbean, Soar in over California. DJ loved that he got to see Lightning McQueen and Mater there. They all saved their money to buy souvenirs at each place. The ride there and back wasn't bad at all the kids actually did well. I advise if you are going to travel in a big city get a garmin nu vi it was a life saver. I only got us lost once, but it was my fault. So we sure enjoyed our vacation together as a family!