Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines! Is it really what it is cracked up to be?

So to start off our day or night Me and Mark decided to clean out our disgusting garage and organize a few things around the house. You know he could have just done it to show his love for me on Valentines, but I guess I wanted it done right. Then I know he didn't have to much planned so I handed him a coupon from the shopping show to go get me flowers since they were half off I knew he would appreciate that. Then I went to walmart and kmart to find him something you know for later :) But to my dismay they didn't have anything that I thought would suit him but ended up settling with something, but when I got home I found that the size of the top was a small and the bottoms were a x-large. Go figure, Me waiting until the last minute! Then we decided to go to dinner and a movie. We went to Silver Steak house which I think I have had enough crab for a while, but the meal came with champagne and I told our waitress we didn't want it, to see if we could get it off the cost and she turns to me and says what you don't drink, well you should! I wanted to say a few choice words to her like hey, we can have fun without the booze, or don't worry we have perfect sex without being drunk! So I guess only in Carbon County we find awesome waitresses like that. Then we went to go see the movie Taken, which was a great show. Then to come home to 2 fighting kids that had probably done it in for our babysitter. So in all this I often wonder where is the ROMANCE in Valentines? To me it just seems like another day with some added bonuses! Hope many of you had a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cute little swimmers!

What a good job my boys have done in swimming lessons! I don't know if it is the teacher or what but I think they are coming along just great. DJ was afraid of the water at the beginning of last summer and now he is jumping off the diving board. And Austin is diving off the high dive and swimming on his back the length of the pool. Also Austin is a good little diver and is learning how to breath when his face is under the water when he comes up for air. So watch out Mr.Phelps We have an awesome instructor and I am pretty sure we are going to have many Olympic gold medals to come! Thanks Shauntel, your the best!