Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On April 13th which was Zaydree's Birthday we got some very sad news. My cousin Callee and Zac had lost their darling little 6 months baby Kamdyn Lilly to SIDS. It had upset all of our whole family, but most certainly it made us make sure and put our arms around our little ones that day and squeeze them just a little tighter. I became close with Callee as she worked with me at Blockbuster and as a mother to see someone close to you loose someone you love so much broke my heart. But between her and Zac they are strong and with the gospel on their side they know as well as we know that they will be together forever as an eternal family. No one knows why things like this have to happen, but the Lord has a plan for each and everyone of us. Callee later told us her friend Michelle that was killed in a car accident said if she ever had a girl her name would be Lilly, so Callee gave Kamdyn that middle name for her friend Michelle. So we think Callee had that baby for her, now Kamdyn is in heaven with her friend Michelle looking after her. My heart goes out to them and the Carlson and Cloward family. It is always nice to see family pull together in hard times and show what love and support we have for one another. WE love you, Callee, Zac, and Easton.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

So we recently just got home from a family vacation from California and to my lead foot I receive a big old fat TICKET! Yes my first ticket in 13 years. Here is the proof!

The funny thing is that just before I got it near Cedar City we were talking on the radio to our friends about how I go fast but have never been caught. And I was driving because Mark had thrown out his back. Plus I was saying that it is kind of a boring drive to get to St. George in some areas and I think that is why I have a lead foot. 2 other cars were ahead of me and we were passing the slow vehicles through fillmore/beaver and coming around a bend they got into a the slow lane and I couldn't get in fast enough but when I saw the cop I knew I was busted. It was so hard for me to not laugh. Not that it was funny or anything, just the fact that if Mark was driving and got a ticket I would've been pissed, but knowing this was my first real ticket I tried really hard not to laugh. My kids really didn't know what to think. I think they were into the movie too much or else I know my boys would have given me crap. They always say, "mom put on your seat belt or you will go to jail." Luckily they never knew what was really going on with mom going 84 in a 75. (Well that's what he wrote on the ticket, but I think I was going a little faster.)

Monday, April 13, 2009

My little girl is 3!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Zaydree! I can't believe you are already 3. Where has all the time went to? She has been so hilarious in prepping her for her big day. She tells everyone she is 2 or 5 she won't say 3. And she did not want to open her gifts or hit the pinata today until all the others did it first. A few days ago we told her about her birthday, she kept saying no and that she wanted it to be DJ's birthday and that she didn't want no gifts so we all said we would give them away. I told her that now she is 3 we need to start going pee pee in the potty and she just refuses and cries still. But I surely am going to try this week!
So now we are past the terrible 2's here comes the HORRIBLE 3's! We love you Zayd and are sooooooo glad that you are a part of our family!