Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sept. & Oct. 2009

So I pretty much think I am the worst Blogger in History! So to start Sept. off we had our annual Girls getaway to Swiss Days! We had 10 of us go and we stayed up late, went hot tubing and we went to the Olympic Park and did the zip line, slide and watched the skiers. Thanks to Ed!In Sept. Zayd started up Dancing, Tumbling, Swim lessons and Preschool. Austin-stared Flag football, Swim lessons, and Piano lessons. Dj-Started up Tumbling, and Swim lessons. All these activities have sure kept us busy around here. Then also in Sept. I turned the big 31! We just had a family dinner and at my favorite meal with cupcake cones. I think after you turn 18 birthdays are just there, and it nearly wasn't as bad as 30. So all in all it was another day!
In October us and Leonard's went to the Creed and Stained Concert at the E Center. Not as good as Nickleback, but it was clean fun and I actually remembered some of the songs. But again mainly I went for Mark. It is always fun to get away. On the 12th of Oct. Mark turned 33. We had dinner for him here and celebrated with a ice cream cake from cold stone. Then for Halloween we all dressed up as JIll & Mark-Sandy and Danny off Grease, Austin-Capt.Rex a storm trooper off Star wars, DJ-a Dragon, Zayd-Minnie Mouse. We put together a friends Halloween party with Pot luck, games like: What if..., Fear Factor Trivia, and Stretch your spouse. It always is so fun to get together with such great friends and have a great time!
And also of course I am staying busy with the Daycare and such, we now have 10 of us that work out there with trying to expand again. Great Job security is all I can say!

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