Monday, August 31, 2009

Kids' first day of school!

I know so I am a little late at blogging, but I need to do this for journal purposes!
This year is DJ's first year of Kindergarten. His teacher is Miss Tawna, which is who Austin had. He is so excited he gets to go to Austin's school and ride the big bus like all the other kids. He goes all day and he is already catching on. He is such a good little boy and a good listener. I usually only have to repeat things to him 1 time and he gets it. He brought home something the other day that he had colored and I told him he was in kindergarten now that he couldn't scribble he had to stay in the lines, so the next day he came back with a pic that was so good and he got 2 stickers on his paper. He has been catching on to the songs that they have been learning so I think he is loving every minute of it. The only thing is that he is not a morning person like me, but faithfully getting up when their alarm goes off.
Austin is in 2nd grade this year, and what a difference it totally makes. His handwriting is getting better, they read alot more and their attitudes seem to be getting better!(Especially for me since many of you may know Austin) His teacher is Mrs. Torrez and she seems to be doing a good job by keeping him in line. He is enjoying recess, running and math. That is what he tells me anyway. He is into eating healthy which kills me since he is only 7 and into exercising, so who knows what is in store for him. I am so proud of my kids and how far they have came and everything they have accomplished so far.

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