Thursday, August 27, 2009

What not to wear to a concert!!!!

Karra, Brandi, Mer, Shawn, Mark and Me all headed for a fun filled night of some of our favorite bands like: Saving Abel, Papa Roach, Hinder and Nickelback. What I enjoyed the most was....
#1 Hottie Ryan from Nickelback He is fine and can sing and play guitar even though he is only #2 guy with Nickelback.
#2-Being close to the front row to see the singers up close.
#3-Knowing all the Nickelback songs and singing loudly to all of them.
#4-being with my husband because it was a concert he enjoyed instead of a country
#5-Hanging out with girls and our cool colored hair!
#6-Checking out and making fun of people at the concert!
#7-Great food at Famous Dave's before the concert.

My least favorite things of the night were....
#1-Standing on my feet for 7 hours straight in boots.
#2-Waiting almost 2 hours to get our tickets in the heat.
#3-The language that the bands use! They have awful potty mouths!
#4-chicks making out next to us, but later got in trouble and almost kicked out.
#5-The drunk losers all around us getting in fights or doing things they shouldn't be doing.
#6-Getting Beer thrown on us during the concert.
#7-Waiting 1 hour to just get out of the USANA parking lot.

But other than that we had a good time. I may stick to just country concerts! But Nickelback is still one of my favorite all time bands if they would just stay to singing and not talking! Plus now I really know who Ryan is!


Julie said...

Love that mullet! Oh, and the mesh, mid-drift shirt. I'm crazy about it all! :) Looks like a blast. Especially the people watching.

thelda Wimmer said...

Ryan was a hottie!!! There is no doubt about that.